Tea is Key: 5 Incredible Pancake & Tea Combinations

Tea is Key: 5 Incredible Pancake & Tea Combinations

By: Andy Daniels


I will admit, I am a total hot tea addict. I wake and brew.

One of my personal favorites at the moment is Twinings Chai Tea. It helps me focus, and cleanses my palate! There are so many great combinations of pancakes and tea out there, I wanted to lay some out for you!

Be aware, I am not a professional (although what a cool job it would be to professionally judge pancakes and tea together?!), I just want to share some of my positive experiences with certain teas. Here we go:


1. Twinings Chai w/ Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

This euphoric combination derives from my earlier post, about the amazing Apple Pancake from Maple Counter Cafe. You can read my blog post here. I couldn’t eat the whole pancake, it was too massive, and so decadent. I boxed it up and took it home. The next morning, I heated it up, and brewed myself some chai tea to go with it. I sat down, and turned on the Stress Relief Part 1 episode of The Office, (very difficult to drink hot tea and laugh hysterically) and I experienced a winning combination of tea and pancakes. The sweetness of the cinnamon sugar was balanced by the spice of the chai tea, creating a very complimentary pair. Highly recommended for those who like sweet things.


2. Teavana Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea w/ Traditional Buttermilk Pancakes

A simple yet sensible pair, with the tea providing a soothing aroma of fresh jasmine, and the simplistic flavor of buttermilk pancakes, this makes for a winning duo. One of the best cups of jasmine tea I’ve ever had was at the popular downtown Salem, Oregon spot, Archive Coffee and Bar, where they served it loose-leaf (how it should be served). You can make killer buttermilk pancakes right from home if you use the amazing and delectable Robby’s Pancake Mix from Williams Sonoma. You’ll find that this relaxing combination will transport you back to simpler times, before becoming adults and paying bills, where the only item on the agenda was Lego building.


3. Adagio Strawberry Grapefruit Tea w/ Banana Pancakes

Popular among pie flavors is also popular among pancake and tea combinations. Strawberry Banana. You can never go wrong with this extraordinary flavor. With hints of grapefruit oolong and white strawberry, Adagio Teas makes a great flavored tea that pairs very well with the ever-popular banana pancakes. Side note: if you are looking for an even more enhanced experience, the third element to complete the trifecta would be to incorporate the song Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson into the mix. Its very simple, just bring speakers into your kitchen, hook up your phone, and blast this song until your neighbors start dancing too. Highly recommended for those who love a fruity touch to their breakfast experience.


4. Twinings English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea w/ Pumpkin Pancakes

Who knew? A tea with such simple flavor could go with a pancake of such bold quality. But just like dating, you don’t want someone who is identical to you, you want someone who completes you, and who challenges you. The same goes with this combination, with the rich spice of pumpkin and the soothing smell of the English countryside after a soft rain, this makes me want to go dine with her majesty The Queen. Delicious pumpkin pancakes can be found in various restaurants across the Pacific Northwest. Although these pancakes are typically seasonal, found during Fall months, there are great store-bought mixes available year-round.


5. Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea w/ Chocolate Chip Pancakes

One of my all time favorite pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes are an explosion of sweet chocolaty goodness. One of my favorite flavors of Girl Scout Cookies are Thin Mints. This combination of pancakes and tea resembles the flavor of Thin Mints, with the combination of mint and chocolate. Having hints of orange and other citrus flavors, this tea is a refreshing and light break from the richness of the chocolate flavor. You can find amazing chocolate chip pancakes at Sassy Onion Restaurant in Salem, Oregon.


Any other cool tea combinations I should know? Tell me in the comments!


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